From Madrid Barajas airport :

  • Follow signs for Madrid, than take M40 (all directions)
  • Do not exit before Badajoz
  • Follow the Portugal highway A5-E90 until Talavera de la Reina exit (first one)
  • Then follow the N502 road for Herrera del Duque (new bridge)
  • Follow the N502 road to km 205/206


When you are a few kilometers from Castilblanco, there are two ways to get to our hotel. Do not follow the indications of Google map which are false :


First one (yellow on the map) is set at the 209 on Road 502 (red on the map). It's a track suitable only for four-wheel drive cars. It’s a 4 km track. Our access is the first one at right hand after the small white house at the top of the rise.


Second one (green on the map) is set just before or after the km 206 on Road 502. This road is suitable for all kinds of vehicles.


  • Direction Talavera de la Reina > Herrera del Duque : the track is at right hand between km 205 and km 206, just after the little double way in the hill. There are no road signs because it is forbidden by the region, but there are two concrete blocks painted in green in the entrance. If you pass km 206, you are too far and you have to turn back and follow the following instructions.


  • Direction Herrera del Duque > Talavera de la reina : after km206 and the road sign of speed limit in 80 km/hour, turn at left hand. You’ll can see the tarred track which rises to the left. This track is suitable for all kind of car. It’s tarred on 4 km. When tar stop, our track is at left hand. Follow it till the end of the hill. Our access is on left hand, just before the little white house.



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